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@@ 23,6 23,17 @@ $ sh compile.sh
This will compile the library, producing `build/output/libcs3tio.a`.
To use the library, include `src/cs3tio.h` and add this archive to the linker input list.


The main functions are:

- `Tbl load_tbl(std::istream &)` to load a table.

- `void store_tbl(const Tbl&, std::ostream&)` to store a table.

`Tbl` is a large `std::variant` with different table entry types; for their definitions, see `src/cs3tio.h`.

full build

@@ 30,12 41,6 @@ This is only necessary for development of this library (i.e. to adapt it to new 

- Make sure that [kaitai struct compiler](https://kaitai.io/) is installed.

- Run the following once:

$ git clone --init-submodules # this only needs to be run once per clone

- To use the expected versions, run:


@@ 55,4 60,4 @@ $ cd ksp-src
$ sh make.sh

afterwards, do a normal build as described above.
afterwards, update `compile.sh` and any source code as necessary, and do a normal build as described above.