an unfinished, not working, progress tracker for Elden Ring


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This is an (unfinished!) progress tracker for elden ring. It's currently blocked by my inability to reverse engineer ER event flags.

Current features:

  • None to write home about

Planned (not yet implemented!) features, in order of decreasing priority:

  • List of all bosses (with filters for remembrance/shardbearer)
  • List of crafting items (cracked pots, ritual pots, perfume vials)
  • List of legendary armaments/sorceries/incantations/talismans
  • Anything related to achievements
  • List of crafting cookbooks
  • List of graces
  • List of summoning stakes?
  • List of death roots?
  • Stretch goal: support for a randomizer mode with a nice visual representation of certain key items (Dectus/Rold/Haligtree medallions, Academy Glintstone key, Great Runes, ...) for stream overlays and stuff

All with filters for showing either all of them or only uncompleted. Also a (configurable?) overview for total completion (x/165 bosses killed, y/9 legendary armaments, ...)

It continuously reads the Elden Ring save file (ER0000.sl2) in order to detect any changes for the currently active slot and updates the progress list on the fly. Note that updates will take a while to register - the game saves less often than you may expect. Quitting out will obviously force a new save and the tracker should notice all changes.

TODO: screenshot

TODO: video of updating info in real time

TODO: some words on how to use it


  • None yet


#Will using this get me a server ban?

idk, it might. If you want to be sure to avoid bans disable EAC and play offline.

#Will this work with X mod?

Unlikely. You can try though, it probably won't break anything.