a rusty toolbox for handling data from the trails of cold steel games


include assets in your rust executable


hexadecimal conversion


an unfinished, not working, progress tracker for Elden Ring


A cutscene remover mod for Trails of Cold Steel 3


comparison of general-purpose lossless compression algorithms available for rust


proof of concept for i18n in Rust with compile-time checks


Parser for context free grammars using Earley's algorithm in Julia


an ok speedrun timer for linux


code for matt parker's christmas tree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvlpIojusBE


finds sets of five five-letter words with 25 distinct letters


Personal mirror of https://github.com/nnguyen259/SenSchema


https://adventofcode.com/2021 in sql (incomplete)


"Friendly fire" mod for Trails of Cold Steel III


Logs and prints keycodes of pressed keys.

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