Personal mirror of https://github.com/nnguyen259/SenSchema


"Friendly fire" mod for Trails of Cold Steel III


c++ library for input/output of cold steel 3 tables


Logs and prints keycodes of pressed keys.


analysis of trails of cold steel 3's combat system


a stat calculator for trails of cold steel 3


Modding tools for Trails of Cold Steel 3 (upstream: https://github.com/nnguyen259/ColdSteel3Tools)


solutions for https://adventofcode.com/


Personal visrc.lua


Julia package for reading and writing .npy files


A complex low-performance interpreter for the pure λ-calculus, written in C++17


Randomized property tests in Julia. Inspired by https://github.com/nick8325/quickcheck.


A C-99 single-header library for reading and writing numpy .npy data files. Uses mmap.


idea for an { experimental, concatenative, stack-based, pattern matching } programming language

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