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@@ 7,7 7,7 @@ Damas ('checkers' in Spanish) is a checkers GUI game. It is written for the SBCL
To install Damas, you need to have installed:
- quicklisp
- Tcl/Tk
- Tcl/Tk (specifically, the `wish` shell)
- make

The other dependencies will be handled by quicklisp.

@@ 28,6 28,7 @@ This is a list of current known limitations that will be corrected in the future
- The scoring function is weak, so it doesn't play at a very high level
- The game-tree search algorithm is paralellized, but it's an algorithm that benefits very little from that (alpha-beta pruning)
- It doesn't support a checkers protocol yet, so it hasn't been tested against other engines
- Only playing as white is supported
- There is currently an important UI bug that has the highest priority of any fix: in the situation where two equally long moves
  are possible that have at least the same first square, the user can choose only one of them