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Damas ('checkers' in Spanish) is a checkers GUI game. It is written for the SBCL implementation of Common Lisp.

#Installation and running


To install Damas, you need to have installed:

  • SBCL
  • quicklisp
  • Tcl/Tk (specifically, the wish shell)
  • make

The other dependencies will be handled by quicklisp.

#How to build

Just clone this repo, cd to it and run make. To run the resulting binary, make it executable by chmod +x damas and run it with ./damas.

Note: if your SBCL is not built with :sb-core-compression, the resulting executable will be large (around 70MB). You can see if it supports core compression or not running (find :sb-core-compression *features*) in the REPL.

#Running tests

Quickoad :damas-tests in the REPL and eval (5am:run-all-tests).


This is a list of current known limitations that will be corrected in the future.

  • The GUI lacks a menu and support for any option
  • The scoring function is weak, so it doesn't play at a very high level
  • The game-tree search algorithm is paralellized, but it's an algorithm that benefits very little from that (alpha-beta pruning)
  • It doesn't support a checkers protocol yet, so it hasn't been tested against other engines
  • Only playing as white is supported
  • There is currently an important UI bug that has the highest priority of any fix: in the situation where two equally long moves are possible that have at least the same first square, the user can choose only one of them

If you find more limitations or bugs, or have any suggestions, send an email or a patch to quanrong at mailbox dot org.


This is free software. Check the COPYING file for the license.