v1.4.2 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.4.2

Jiri Vlasak (1):
      Speedup select buildings

v1.4.1 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.4.1

Jiri Vlasak (1):
      Require restart after upgrade

v1.4.0 a month ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.4.0

Jiri Vlasak (2):
      Add progress monitor to select actions
      Upgrade CLI transifex client

v1.3.4 3 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release to refresh languages

v1.3.3 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.3.3

This version resolves the regressions introduced by changes in v1.3.0.

Moreover, testing data are added in this release to avoid future


Jiri Vlasak (15):
      (Git)Ignore files downloaded from transifex
      Update editor config
      Add test data
      Save number of corners to variable
      Fix helper function to pass the tests
      Merge branch 'f'
      Remove minimum building overlap config
      Add square buildings with not all 90 or 180 angles
      Move building w/overlapping nodes to non orthogonal
      Move building w/extrude-type error to non orthogonal
      Move building check to the helper function
      Improve should be squared check with diff square sum
      Improve should be squared check with check for pikes
      Extend non-orthogonal buildings test set
      Merge branch 'select-more-non-orth'

ut-v1 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Upgrade gradle josm plugin to v0.8.2

v1.3.2 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.3.2

Non-orthogonal and non-rounded buildings are selected whenever there is
an angle within the range of is_... and maybe_... thresholds.


Jiri Vlasak (4):
      Remove bad angles tolerance
      Update usage documentation
      Remove unused helper function
      Merge branch 'no-bad-angles'

v1.3.1 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.3.1

Build mapathoner with Java 8, fixing UnsupportedClassVersionError [1].

[1]: https://gitlab.com/qeef/mapathoner/-/issues/17


Jiri Vlasak (5):
      Use transifex language mapping
      Update build config
      Downgrade to java 8
      Fix pip -> pip3
      Fix missing python3 dependencies

v1.3.0 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.3.0

In this version, new action "Select Non Rounded Buildings" is added, and
this functionality is separated from selecting of almost squared

The default values are changed, but can be set up in the preferences.
See the usage page [1].

The infrastructure changed. The project moved to sr.ht [2] and the
documentation has new link [3].

[1]: https://mapathoner.tojemoje.site/usage#select-non-orthogonal-buildings
[2]: https://sr.ht/~qeef/mapathoner/
[3]: https://mapathoner.tojemoje.site/


Jiri Vlasak (23):
      Create helper, move orthogonal function there
      Add that building helper function
      Use that building helper in select non orth. action
      Add select non rounded buildings action
      Set spaces in yml files
      Add fix launguage shortcode mappings script
      Add srht build config file
      Change link to the mapathoner page
      Remove link to third-party content
      Add images
      Revert "Add link to mailing list to credits page"
      Automatically update last modified based on git
      Remove javadoc link from top menu
      Remove internal google analytics
      Remove unnecessary spacing around languages
      Improve index page
      Update usage with info about preferences set up
      Update usage with select non rounded buildings
      Add credits for select non rounded buildings
      Update readme
      Merge branch 'improve-non-buildings'
      Merge branch 'move-to-srht'
      Merge branch 'update-doc'
      Stop build when non-master branch
      Lower need for translated strings of _index page

v1.2.0 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release mapathoner version 1.2.0

In this version, "Select Nonorthogonal Buildings" functionality is
refactored -- the performance is improved and the exception from #15 is

Moreover, the default value of the angle difference for "Select
Nonorthogonal Bulidings" is set to 5 degree instead of 1 degree.

See https://gitlab.com/qeef/mapathoner/-/issues/15
See https://gitlab.com/qeef/mapathoner/-/merge_requests/5


Jiri Vlasak (9):
      Remove duplicated condition
      Add editor config
      Make circle building tolerance configurable
      Avoid get pref in loop
      Use Math.toRadians instead of private function
      Refactor orthogonal method
      Add docstring for the orthogonal function
      Merge branch 'refactor-non-orth-buildings'
      Remove changelog
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