Fix db query for list of geometries since
Add since to geometries endpoint
Make lang code always lower-case
Merge branch 'add/area-geometry'
Return area geometry as geojson

AreaGeometry class changes to be compatible with GeoJSON specification.
Instead of {"aid": ..., "features": ..., "featurecollection": {"type":
"FeatureCollection"}} dict, it's {"features": ..., "aid": ..., "type":
"FeatureCollection"} now.
Add area geometry endpoint
Move area geometry to area module
Merge branch 'build-on-sr.ht'
Add editorconfig
Remove gitlab ci/cd config file
Upgrade packages
Update docs' index
Rewrite readme to markdown
Reformat readme to markdown
Add build config
Merge branch 'fix/0.17.1'
Enable splitting the square horizontally/vertically
Fix ci/cd pipeline
Use database function for already divided square
Remove changelog

All the changes are stored in the annotated tag of the related version,
so keeping the changelog is just duplicating the work.