Merge branch 'hotfix/0.4.1'
Download tmp data only when mapping
Remove changelog

All the changes are stored in the annotated tag of the related version,
so keeping the changelog is just duplicating the work.
Download tmp data if available
Add map/review oldest action
Merge branch 'release/0.3.0'
Update changelog
Merge branch 'upgrade-to-api-0.2.0'
Update changelog
Set default map/review actions

The default map/review actios may be set by clicking the dialog window.
Do not request tags from token

It may happen tags don't exists. Moreover, the tags are not yet used
Update new lock action
Update new unlock action
Update working on date string
Add map/review action configs
Merge branch 'hotfix/0.2.1'
Update changelog
Fix split square

The inconsistency with the server was introduced in v0.9.3.
Fix color of squares
Rename gpx layer variable to gl

To avoid using l as variable name.