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Merge branch 'change/license'
Apply agplv3 license to damndb, upkeep

I am relicensing the whole history of damndb and upkeep directories.
Please, consider damndb and upkeep directories to be published under
AGPLv3 since the beginning.

The reason: If you change the database and/or add/change upkeep scripts,
the community should know.
Fix readme upgrade to v0.12.0 section
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Add panel client v0.1.0
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Update readme with upkeep scripts description
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Add server setup introduction
Add docker www service
Switch link to mailing list for the list address
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Clear up upgrade/update sytax
Overwrite systemd config files if exists
Include chat to default systemd config file
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Remove contribution section, add mailing list
Clone from sr.ht
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