ref: a14f0a18014b24be56d638eafe5d743966cb3d21 damn-deploy/.env -rw-r--r-- 2.0 KiB
Upgrade client to v0.12.1
Upgrade server to v0.7.1
Merge branch 'add-www'
Add docker www service
Merge branch 'refactor/chat-env-vars'
Use subdomain for chat instead of full dns
Merge branch 'refactor/clients-env-vars'
Add optional note to .env in customization section
Remove unused manager .env variable
Add manager subdomain .env var and use it
Add graphical section headers to the .env file
Move client defaults section in .env file
Remove unused client .env variable
Add client subdomain .env var and use it
Merge branch 'refactor/server-env-vars'
Remove unused server .env variable
Add server subdomain .env var and use it
Add domain name .env variable
Move sections in env file
Rollback to manager v0.1.5

Because v0.2.0 is not released yet.
Update server, client, and manager

- Server to v0.7.0,
- client to v0.12.0,
- jsonmanager to v0.2.0.