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@@ 34,10 34,11 @@ Then, you need to clone the damn deploy repository:
    git clone https://git.sr.ht/~qeef/damn-deploy
    cd damn-deploy

The most common usecase is *autostart server and clients*. The following
The most common usecase is *autostart server, clients, and chat*. The following
sections consider *server* setup, setup for *clients* (client and manager),
*chat*, *autostart*, and *update*. Also, see *Damn upkeep* section for periodic
database upkeep scripts.
*chat*, and *autostart* with `systemd`. Then, there is a *How to upgrade*
section that discuss the upgrade/update process. Finally, see the *Damn upkeep*
section for the database periodic upkeep scripts.

Server setup

@@ 145,8 146,8 @@ I assume that the damn deploy repository is cloned to `/root/damn-deploy/`.
       systemctl enable damn.service

How to update
How to upgrade

1. If use `systemd` autostart, stop the damn service first:

@@ 164,7 165,7 @@ How to update

       git stash pop

5. Maybe rebuild some docker images, but it depends on update changes:
5. Maybe rebuild some docker images, but it depends on the upgrade changes:

       docker-compose -f server.yml build --no-cache api
       docker-compose -f server.yml build --no-cache upkeep

@@ 176,8 177,8 @@ How to update

       systemctl start damn.service

Update database structure
Upgrade the database structure

The database structure is rarely to change but it may happen. For new
deployments, there is nothing to do.

@@ 186,7 187,7 @@ However, if you are upgrading from an existing database, you need to run the
upgrade script manually.

All the scripts related to the database structure are stored in `damndb`
directory, starting at `70_...`. Which script should be run when updating the
directory, starting at `70_...`. Which script should be run when upgrading the
database structure is always noted in the [changelog][].

Upgrade to `v0.6.0`

@@ 227,7 228,7 @@ Connect to the database (the password is in `.env` file):
    export DB_HOST=$(docker inspect -f '{{range.NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' damndb)
    psql -h $DB_HOST -d damndb -U damnuser

Run update query:
Run the update query:

    update current_commits set type='splitted' where message='The square was splitted';