Fix AWK RE escaping (was using mawk, which did things differently, I guess)
Sync natsort and skip directories without images
Switch to latest nsxiv and migrate most patch content from program to config.h
Fix/cleanup build.sh and natsort/build.sh
Sync posix-build and natsort
Switch from GNU make to posix-build
Add image directories as sources, allow multiple arguments, add save state
	directory option, allow to enable/disable save/resume mode, misc script
	fixes and cleanups
natsort: sync
Remove default sxiv options and use -m inconditionally
Silent tar vendor check when tar isn't GNU tar
Handle GNU tar choking on colons bullshit
Handle invalid .resume files better, a bit of variable renaming and some fixes in the Makefile
README misc changes
Use plaintext for the README
Makefile and natsort sync
Install to /usr/local
Remove the .sh suffix and rename sxiv_patched to sxiv_manga
Add rewrite_runtime_paths.sh script
Misc fixes
Use grep -i to avoid depending on find -iname
Makefile typo
Fixes and cleanups
* Rewrite to use cleaner sh and increase the portability (now works on GNU,
  *BSD, MacOS, Illumos and Tru64)
* Replaced dashes with underscores because
* Better README
* Synced natsort with misc-tools
Sync natsort and makefiles
Sync natsort