bwrap_auto updates
music_convert: add ionice
Misc updates, add cindent
Forgot util.bash
Finish bwrap stuff
Update various scripts to use bwrap_auto instead of firejail
bwrap.bash: add Vulkan option
bwrap_auto.bash: fix mpv and factorize XDG user dir dispatching
bwrap_auto.bash: add w3m, nsxiv and mpv
bwrap_auto.bash: add emacs
bwrap_auto.bash: allow passing options to bwrap directly with two --
bwrap_auto.bash: remove ls dummy
bwrap{_auto}.bash: improve enough to replace firejail for qutebrowser
optimise_images.sh: add --nice=10 to parallel
Use .bash extension for bwrap stuff
Some bwrap improvements
bwrap.sh: improve
bwrap_auto.sh: add support for mupdf history file if secure
bwrap.sh add -n and cleanup -L artifact
bwrap.sh doc improvements
Begin migration from firejail to bwrap
Add st-plumb for the simple-plumb patch
Remove ansi_strip.sh and misc minor changes