A collection of scripts (POSIX sh and AWK) more or less maintained
Add retroarch wrapper (disable dpms) and testnet.sh
Modularize backup.sh and remove grub_partuuid.sh
Truly silence waifu2x-converter-cpp output and forcibly disabl GPU usage


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Collection of sh and AWK scripts with an exhaustive description of dependencies
and POSIX compliance.

Newlines in paths won't be handled until POSIX adds find -print0, xargs -0,
sed -Z, read -d, etc... (which is never ever, cf [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]).

local/typeset is required because it is an important usability feature and
quite portable as long as you don't use `local var` and expect a specified
behaviour (cf [6]) or use unquoted arguments.


As an addendum, the lesson to be taken from all of this is that POSIX sh
scripting is very powerful but insanely brain damaged if you want to stay
portable, and just a bit less obscene if you choose to tie yourself to a more
"complete" implementation like ksh/zsh/bash and a specific OS (e.g. to get
access to util-linux).

For your sanity, please use something like Python or Perl (or Tcl or Lisp, if
you have taste and don't care about their non ubiquity).

[1] https://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=243
[2] https://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=244
[3] https://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=245
[4] https://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=247
[5] https://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=251
[6] https://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=767