Sync util.sh
Fix appendnl
Fix indentation
Indentation fixes and SRC to make variables
Sync with util again
Sync with util and use the new typecheck on boolean environment variables
Sync util.sh
Simplify PREFIX construction
Finish using local in build_util.sh
Cleanup prog-c/build.sh and use VERSION file if existing
Remove unconditional mkdir -p PREFIX
Sync with util.sh
Remove dash shebang (dev artifact)
Fix some little things
Factorize src2obj, change cclean so it uses SRC to determine what to clean
Better README #2
Big cleanup
Fix install() into dir
Add todo to README and remove -z,now from example LDFLAGS
Improve README
Make rm verbose
Make a make function to automatise some stuff
Make cclean more modular
Introduce NAME variable (useful for nested projects) to differentiate from BIN
Some misc fixes
Actually clear SUFFIXES before filling
README changes
Add a licence because sr.ht wants one