Remove squishyball
Update RPCS3 and make it build for real
Bump source-han-{sans,serif} and add source-han-mono
Add nsxiv
Bump cyanrip, nicotine+, gtk+
Fork dunst to add xdg USE flag
Bump st and patches (add blinking cursor patch and USE flag too)
Remove mpv
Add raze, fork stone-soup, gzdoom, nicotine and yt-dlp
Add Nyxt, bump tomb and fix some quake3e stuff
Add cyanrip ebuild
Make busybox ntpd and httpd service use supervise-daemon to not be seen as crashed constantly
Bump gimp, darktable and python LTO/PGO
Add busybox with httpd service, httpd txt doc and manpage installation
Add .gitignore
Remove Manifests from the tree
Need to add the following feature test macros:
_XOPEN_SOURCE to avoid segfault at bozohttpd.c:962 when refreshing page after
loading, due to bad strpftime definition
_DEFAULT_SOURCE to allow compilation after _XOPEN_SOURCE was defined
_GNU_SOURCE for vasprintf

As _GNU_SOURCE defines "_XOPEN_SOURCE with the value 700 (600 in glibc versions
before 2.10; 500 in glibc versions before 2.2)" and "since glibc 2.19, defining
_GNU_SOURCE also has the effect of implicitly defining _DEFAULT_SOURCE", no
need for the others.
Bump some stuff and add bozohttpd with HTTP Basic Authorization support
Add SPIRV static linking patch to gzdoom
Add gzdoom-4.4.2 with zmusic-1.1.2
Bump LTO/PGO python, darktable -libsoup, bs1770gain and gtk+ -atk
Free newsboat-2.18 to avoid asciidoctor
Add/bump plan9port and bump darktable, libvorbis and gtk+
Add gtk+-3 without atk-bridge and darktable without libsoup
Main tree comparison cleanup
Bump whipper and qutebrowser