Bump udsend recv buffer size (got a cutoff with properly tagged Wagner)
Sync posix-build and genhtab
Sync with posix-build and adapt
Code style update and some minor fixes
New status output format using tabulation as FS and `status error` from mus_daemon
Sync genhtab
mus_daemon: add filtering support and improve help message
Sync build
posix-build sync
build: sync, don't reimplement make in sh for command_match.c generation
build: sync with upstream, remove PGO
Some usage message fixes #2
Some usage message whitespace fixes
Some usage message fixes
fair_shuf: fix some mawk bugs and simplify by not recomputing weights after each pick
fair_shuf typo fixes
Some cleanup in tag_vorbis_comment_parse (use log_append instead of fprintf and
accept empty tags)
Remove unused tag_ids file
Revert "Remove ed "dependency" by using AWK"

This reverts commit 9cdc32a67d1055ec614335b7224db8eb70bc5dd5.

Writting the file being read is UB in AWK
Remove ed "dependency" by using AWK
Add signal handlers for INT/TERM/HUP to close the IPC socket
Switch to gnu11 standard to get ##__VA_ARGS__ (while we're at it, use typeof too)