Finish build.sh and README, move TODO to root
Fix genhtab subgit mistake
Sync posix-build
	Remove gperf dependency by using genhtab
	Factorize build.sh
	Fix log.h lack of extern
fix fair_shuf not working with all AWKs
Fix typo in README
Export fair_shuf options in mus_album_rand
Some README improvements
udsend didn't build since 18/09. Make the flag testing facilies ANSI compliant too
Add a #pragma once to the new xoshiro128plus.h header
Switch from musl's drand48 implementation to xoshiro128+ as it is simpler,
faster in microbenchmarks and doesn't output double when we want float.

Use a fixed random seed because dither noise doesn't need to be unreproducible.

Use -Ofast for mus_player if available.
player: add -n option to change starting track position
README link fixes
TODO and README changes
Fix mus_client's playlist commands not working and update TODO
Fix crash when exiting with IPC disable and improve dither a bit by changing the clamping into a float mul
README refactoring
Switch to SOCK_STREAM and associated cleanup
FIx mus_client's ALBUM_NEXT quitting
Refactor mus_client a bit
Change the PAUSE_PLAY command into mus_player's TOGGLE_PLAY_PAUSE
Mention case sensitivity in mus_client's help