List tweaks (#3) and handle commas in card names
List tweaks (#2)
List tweaks
Update everything to work with newer slightlymagic.net card scans

Remove .sh extensions from scripts meant to be called
Sync util.sh with upstream
find_card: faster, add -v and -x options, switch from ERE to globbing
list_collage: faster, add -w and -W options, remove sort -V and pathcomp_rename

Adapt lists for minor differences in card filenames
Some more list updates
A few utility updates and some list deletions/updates
List updates #2
Modernize scripts and update lists
List updates and sxiv geometry change
List updates
List updates
List updates
Various list updates
List updates
Update goblin and affinity
List updates and RG gate list addition
List updates
List updates
Better faerie list
Update lists