Fix gen_unicode_tolower_lut.sh typo
Misc stuff
Sync posix-build
	Define the header guard based on the search function name
Remove compile_flags
htmldecode: move to root, use genhtab instead of lex
build: sync, clean properly fetched files
build: sync #2 and sync gen_unicode_tolower_lut.sh (gawk fix)
utf8: reorder
build:     fix unicode_tolower.h being wrong with natsort, sync posix-build
test:      add htmlencode, test htmldecode with "all", add a prefix test for natsort
natsort:   fix UB and cleanup a bit
urldecode: fix UB
build: sync
array:    switch API prefix to avoid collisions, use GENSYM, _LENGTH -> _SIZE
build.sh: sync, add unicode_tolower.h generation, migrate htmldecode custom make
          to sh
genhtab:  add literal mode (-l) and overwrite flag (-w), improve documentation
misc:     fix fprintf_cstrlit, add pasprintf, add ARRAY_SIZE and GENSYM
natsort:  actually do case conversion during comparison (!) and don't call
          utf8_decode on digits; add Unicode test cases
all:      re-add break after usage, remove warnings
Fix install() for htmldecode
Minor build.sh changes
genhtab spec changes for more tag freedom (allow tag struct)
Remove redundant PROG_NAME/PROG_VERSION defines in sources
README small fixes
Switch to posix-build
Make a real README

Remaining ToDo: switch from flex to genhtab in htmldecode
Some utf8 cleanup
Disable SUBMAKE because it has a race conditions with misc being recompiled
Precision in genhtab's output's C99/C11 requirements
Use u8 string literals in fprintf_cstrlit only if needed
Redo indentation/alignement of array.h
genhtab: specify C99 requirement
	improve help
	add maxkeylen to avoid DOS and useless computation
	change default output name to `htab.c/h`
Minor style fixes