Forgot to add the actual mktemp file (I always do this)
README nitpick
Forgot genhtab in the previous commit
Add simple mktemp, cleanup getopt defaults and autodeduce output stream from usage()
README additions and fixes
textwidth: misc cleanup in width()
test.sh: cosmetics
wcswidth -> textwidth and add tab/backspace handling
Sync posix-build
Make embed_as_string interact correctly with the preprocessor
genhtab: move FORCE_INLINE/UNREACHABLE definition from header to source
Add -s option to genhtab for performance

Update genhtab_bench results, xxHash (with -s) now nearly as fast as gperf -Ccl!
Sync posix-build, adapt genhtab and speed it up by storing key length

Improve genhtab test by testing key prefixes/suffixes and long enough keys to
trigger 2 bytes klen and negative klen byte if char is signed

Sync ilog2 with more recently benchmarked ones
Make fprint_cstrlit work with all encodings/locales and without a C11 dependency
Add xxhash build-time option for genhtab and synx posix-build
genhtab: remove -3 and -p, add -T TARGET_WORD_SIZE[:TARGET_PTR_SIZE]
genhtab -c -> -p
genhtab and README improvements

Add automatic key packing (and option to force it), idea from nrk@disroot.org on
the dev@suckless.org mailing list.

Render the genhtab_bench tsv results to txt.
Sync posix-build
Sync posix-build