Trying my hand at markdown
Remove superfluous proxy options, the environment variables should be externally
Remove the old format converter, it's
README nitpicks
Fix query parameter array format (dicts can't contain duplicates)
Fix sneak API change from MD
Fix lack of rate limiting in mdex_dl and use/make a generic rate limiting mechanism
Fix mdex_dl when used with raw manga ID argument
Cosmetic changes and README example fix
Sync README with mdex_dl help
Fix cover downloading
Fix mdex_dl for chapter URLs
Adapt to MDex API change (why don't these monkeys maintain a changelog page for their important API changes?)
mdex_dl: accept raw manga IDs
Be more lenient in accepting manga URLs in mdex_dl
Centralize source once mechanism
Forgot atom.tcl in the previous commit
Import util only once and fix mdex_dl with the new URLs
Catch spurrious dict lookup errors
Sync util