ed6e1ddda5fa9d982c9ff3b3a233dc53abf4ce0e — q3cpma 7 months ago 1b922d4
Fix sneak API change from MD
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M mdex_util.tcl
M mdex_util.tcl => mdex_util.tcl +4 -5
@@ 208,11 208,10 @@ proc get_chapter_list {mid lang} {
# Download the pages of a chapters in dirname from its JSON dict
proc dl_chapter {chapter_data dirname} {
	puts stderr "Downloading @Home server URL JSON..."
	set json [api_get at-home/server/[dict get $chapter_data id]]
	set server [dict get [json::json2dict $json] baseUrl]

	set hash [dict get $chapter_data attributes hash]
	set pages [dict get $chapter_data attributes data]
	set ah_data [json::json2dict [api_get at-home/server/[dict get $chapter_data id]]]
	set server [dict get $ah_data baseUrl]
	set hash [dict get $ah_data chapter hash]
	set pages [dict get $ah_data chapter data]

	set urls [util::lprefix $pages $server/data/$hash/]
	set outnames [lmap num [util::iota [llength $pages] 1] page $pages {