Minor changes
Change the min/max functionality to work on columns and some general cleanup
Change the default float format to "% g"
Fix retarded crash when having more than 16 fields
Sanitize the float format option parameter against a regexp
Change the default float format
Sync the Makefile
Add a version option
Updated README
Made floating point format customizable
Some static analyzer fixes
Litte makefile changes, more thorough dependency listing, cppcheck fix
Big overhaul. Includes UTF-8 support, an option for field whitespace trimming, use of ncurses for bold/dim printing and various refactoring
Fixed a crash, modernized a little
Added simple script to wait before UTF-8 support
Ignore empty lines ('^$')
Also ignore empty lines
Implement comments
Rewrote the parser; now simpler. Cleanups in main. Better error diagnostic.
Asciidoc readme
Fixed makefile test