SCSS for HTML screenplays
Add dual-dialog div to snippet.html
Move margin-top .dual-dialog -> .dialog
Make dual-dialog inline-block display


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I live for myself and I answer to nobody. – Steve McQueen

McQueen is style for responsive HTML screenplays.

Preview the Nicholl Fellowship sample script.

HTML documents can also include snippets of screenplay content.


The main stylesheet mcqueen.scss is designed not to be edited. All configuration can be achieved by outputting key-value variables to _config.scss, which is then imported on compile.

The classes are element-agnostic, so you can use div or section or p, etc. Screenplay content must be wrapped in a class="screenplay", which allows for snippets within other content flow.


Variable Default Type/Value
$page-size letter letter, a4
$font-size 12pt size
$font-stack Courier Prime, Courier, Courier Final Draft array
$line-height 1 integer
$text-body-width 6in size
$show-title-page true boolean
$title-upcase true boolean
$title-underline true boolean
$title-bold false boolean
$title-contact-right false boolean
$hide-first-page-number true boolean
$scene-double-space false boolean
$scene-bold false boolean
$scene-underline false boolean
$dialog-contd (CONT'D) string
$dialog-more (MORE) string
$action-orphans 2 integer
$action-widows 2 integer
$dialog-orphans 2 integer
$dialog-widows 2 integer
$show-notes false boolean
$note-font-size 11pt size
$note-font Comic Sans MS array
$note-line-height 1.5 size
$note-color lightgoldenrodyellow color
$show-section-headings false boolean
$highlight-change-color yellow color