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fix some lints
2 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 36 deletions(-)

M location.py
M weather.py
M location.py => location.py +31 -34
@@ 6,60 6,57 @@ from typing import Mapping
import requests
from cachecontrol import CacheControl  # type: ignore

request_cache = CacheControl(requests.session())
REQUEST_CACHE = CacheControl(requests.session())

BASE_URL = "https://api.weather.gov"
LOCAL = False

class Location:
    short_name: str
    long_name: str
    forecastUrl: str
    hourlyForecastUrl: str
    alertUrl: str
    forecast_url: str
    hourly_forecast_url: str
    alert_url: str

    def __init__(self, short_name: str, long_name: str, latitude: float, longitude: float):
        self.short_name = short_name
        self.long_name = long_name

        trunc = lambda f: format(f, '.4f')
        api = f"{BASE_URL}/points/{trunc(latitude)},{trunc(longitude)}"
        if LOCAL:
            with open('point', 'r') as f:
                data = json.load(f)['properties']
            data = request_cache.get(api).json()['properties']
        self.forecastUrl = data['forecast']
        self.hourlyForecastUrl = data['forecastHourly']
        url = f"{BASE_URL}/points/{trunc(latitude)},{trunc(longitude)}"
        data = fetch_json(url, 'point')['properties']

        self.forecast_url = data['forecast']
        self.hourly_forecast_url = data['forecastHourly']
        # TODO really?
        self.alertUrl = data['forecastZone'].replace('/zones/forecast', '/alerts/active/zone')
        self.alert_url = data['forecastZone'].replace('/zones/forecast', '/alerts/active/zone')

    def hourly(self):
        if LOCAL:
            with open('hourly', 'r') as f:
                return json.load(f)
        req = request_cache.get(self.hourlyForecastUrl)
        return req.json()

        return fetch_json(self.hourly_forecast_url, 'hourly')

    def forecast(self):
        if LOCAL:
            with open('forecast', 'r') as f:
                return json.load(f)
        req = request_cache.get(self.forecastUrl)
        return req.json()
        return fetch_json(self.forecast_url, 'forecast')

    def alerts(self):
        if LOCAL:
            with open('alerts', 'r') as f:
                return json.load(f)
        req = request_cache.get(self.alertUrl)
        return req.json()
        return fetch_json(self.alert_url, 'alerts')

LOCAL = False
def fetch_json(url: str, default: str):
    if LOCAL:
        with open(default, 'r') as local_data:
            return json.load(local_data)
        return REQUEST_CACHE.get(url).json()

def read_locations() -> Mapping[str, Location]:
    c = configparser.ConfigParser()
    conf = configparser.ConfigParser()
    result = {}
    for s in c.sections():
        result[s] = Location(s, c[s]['long_name'], c[s].getfloat('latitude'), c[s].getfloat('longitude'))
    for long_name in conf.sections():
        section = conf[long_name]
        result[long_name] = Location(long_name,
                                     section.get('long_name', long_name),
    return result

M weather.py => weather.py +2 -2
@@ 3,7 3,7 @@ from typing import Optional

from flask import Flask, render_template

from location import Location, read_locations
from location import read_locations

app = Flask(__name__)

@@ 50,7 50,7 @@ def weather(key: Optional[str]):

def quote(s):
def quote(s: str):
    return f'"{s}"'