document dmenu-wl support
allow customizing dmenu command
remove unnecessary lambdas
detect dmenu-wl
Revert "use nixpkgs from flake.lock for CI"

This reverts commit b3529064cead45ade281d96ff52407a6a9f841ea.
Revert "enable flakes in build"

This reverts commit 627a10b7cde0e5034e5e4cd8b70918cde8d34e3e.
enable flakes in build
use nixpkgs from flake.lock for CI
bump version
nix flake dev shell
pass configured profile-dir to list and choose
return after errors
mypy and minor refactor
mention the desktop file in the readme
update script location
use bash -l as the interpreter for PATH
fix inverted check
657fd4c2 — mtoohey31 2 months ago
revert changes to desktop subcommand and add static desktop file
14537dd6 — mtoohey31 3 months ago
disable file picker on standalone launch