nix flake dev shell
pass configured profile-dir to list and choose
return after errors
mypy and minor refactor
mention the desktop file in the readme
update script location
use bash -l as the interpreter for PATH
fix inverted check
657fd4c2 — mtoohey31 2 months ago
revert changes to desktop subcommand and add static desktop file
14537dd6 — mtoohey31 2 months ago
disable file picker on standalone launch
db8a0870 — mtoohey31 2 months ago
move platypus files to contrib directory
86db9d14 — mtoohey31 2 months ago
use shutil.which instead of helper function
2f4d4160 — Matthew Toohey 2 months ago
fix platypus author

Co-authored-by: Peter Rice <peter@peterrice.xyz>
64e7fafc — mtoohey31 3 months ago
support use as macOS default browser via platypus
dad5bd87 — mtoohey31 3 months ago
implement choose subcommand
generate version.py for CI check
implement --version with setuptools_scm
add --overwrite to rewrite existing config