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# `qpm`: Qutebrowser Profile Manager
# `qpm`: qutebrowser profile manager

[![builds.sr.ht status](https://builds.sr.ht/~pvsr/qpm.svg)](https://builds.sr.ht/~pvsr/qpm?)

[Qutebrowser](https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser) is by farthe best web
browser available, but if you're the type of person who accumulates a huge
number of open tabs, you'll quickly notice two deficiencies: the tab bar becomes
a lot less useful once it starts to overflow horizontally, and memory usage gets
a bit out of control if you leave the browser open 24/7; I even find myself
restarting qutebrowser to free up memory from time to time on machines with less
RAM.  Unfortunately I've also noticed poor performance with multiple windows
open<sup>[1](#footnote1)</sup>, which is annoying on its own and also means I
can't split my tabs between multiple windows to improve the tab bar experience.
So, inspired by qutebrowser's idea of sessions and Firefox's profile manager, I
wrote `qpm` in order to better organize my mess of tabs by dividing them between
separate qutebrowser instances, all sharing the same config file.

<a name="footnote1">1</a>: For the record, based on other issues in the past I
suspect this is a rendering bug in QtWebEngine, not qutebrowser itself.

## Examples

To create and launch a new profile called "finance" in
`$XDG_DATA_HOME/qutebrowser-profiles`, simply run:
`qpm new finance --launch` or `qpm launch finance`

If you want to convert the contents of a window into a new profile, run
`session-save -o profile-name` in qutebrowser to create a session file for just
the active window, then run: `qpm from-session profile-name`

I find it helpful to have a dedicated profile for each of my programming
projects, so I keep a profile in the project dir, using:
`qpm -P ~/dev/qpm new profile` and `qpm -P ~/dev/qpm launch profile`

Arguments that `qpm` doesn't recognize will be passed to qutebrowser, so you can
do stuff like:
`qpm launch python docs.python.org --target window --loglevel info`
[qutebrowser](https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser) is a web browser with
vim-like keybindings. It's great! qpm is a tool for managing qutebrowser
profiles. "Profiles" means starting qutebrowser with `--basedir`, which makes
qutebrowser store all of its config and state in the given directory, the
profile. qpm's main purposes are to configure profiles to share config,
bookmarks, and more with you main qutebrowser session or other profiles' (WIP),
and to make it easy to run these profiles as independent, persistent,
qutebrowser sessions. Independent meaning multiple sessions can run at the same
time without bothering each and persistent meaning open tabs can be saved to
disk and reloaded at any time.

## Use cases
 - Use a "work" profile to isolate your work logins from your personal ones.
   Especially important if you have a work account on Google or Github!
 - Project-based profiles. I have a "qpm" profile which has library
   documentation, qutebrowser config, CI results, issues and PRs, and everything
   I need to work on qpm.
 - So qutebrowser is great, but if you leave a lot of tabs open 24/7 you might
   notice that qutebrowser leaks a little bit of memory.  I use profiles both to
   organize my browsing and keep the number of open tabs and memory usage low.
   Since profiles are very quick to stop and start I open tabs when I need them
   and I close them when I don't, and I know I won't lose them.

## Usage
# create and launch a new profile called "finance" in $XDG_DATA_HOME/qutebrowser-profiles
$ qpm new finance --launch
# or
$ qpm launch finance

# convert the contents of a window into a new profile
# in qutebrowser, run: "session-save -o profile-name"
$ qpm from-session profile-name

# you can keep profiles anywhere, such as project dirs
$ qpm -P ~/dev/qpm new profile-name
$ cd ~/dev/qpm
$ qpm -P . launch profile-name

# arguments that qpm doesn't recognize will be passed to qutebrowser
$ qpm launch python docs.python.org --target window --loglevel info
# is functionally equivalent to:
$ qutebrowser -B ~/$XDG_DATA_HOME/qutebrowser-profiles/python docs.python.org --target window --loglevel info

## Disclaimer
This is alpha-quality software. Even though it doesn't do anything particularly