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[![builds.sr.ht status](https://builds.sr.ht/~pvsr/mpd-status.svg)](https://builds.sr.ht/~pvsr/mpd-status?)
# `mpd-status`
This is a block for [`i3blocks`](https://github.com/vivien/i3blocks) that can show
and easily manipulate MPD's status.
`mpd-status`'s main distinguishing feature over similar blocks is that it can
both display song changes as they happen *and* control MPD's state.
Now that
[i3blocks#228](https://github.com/vivien/i3blocks/issues/228) is resolved,
that's not actually very difficult,
so others will probably have their own blocks that can do the same thing soon
but as far as I know this is the first!
`mpd-status` is an interactive block for
It shows a brief description of the current song (e.g. "{Artist} - {Song}
[paused | {vol}%]") and does various actions when clicked.
By default, left click plays and pauses, right click stops, the scroll wheel
changes the volume, middle click shuffles all albums, and, if your mouse has
them, the back button returns to the previous song and the forward button skips
to the next album (this can be changed to go to the next song by editing
`I3blocks/Config.hs` to have `buttonToOp Forward = Just Next` instead of `Just

### Cool things about mpd-status
* Automatically updates when the song changes!
* MPD actions can be expressed using
### Cool things about `mpd-status`
* Automatically updates when the song or volume change, whether the change is
	triggered by a click action, an external command like `mpc`, or just the
	current song ending. Most existing blocks are `mpc`-based scripts which
	can't easily do this
* MPD actions can be customized using
	[`libmpd-haskell`](https://github.com/vimus/libmpd-haskell)'s DSL
	* E.g. `clear >> add "" >> random True >> play Nothing` replaces the queue
		with your library and shuffles it
* Haskell
	* E.g. `clear >> add "" >> random True >> play Nothing` replaces the current
		queue with your library and shuffles it
	* This also allows complex actions like shuffling by album and skipping the
		beginning of the next album
* Written in Haskell (ymmv)

### Not so cool things
* Requires the latest master of i3blocks for now
* Haskell
	* Most i3blocks scripts are just that—scripts—and are easy to just download
		and run. That's not exactly a strong suit of Haskell's, partially thanks to:
	* So many dependencies
* It's a multi-file binary, not a script. Technically you could interpret it
	with `runhaskell`, but that's noticeably slow in my experience

### Planned features
* Customizable status format
* Support for MPRIS players
* Support for `mpv` (Maybe. It has an IPC server, but it's not especially
	suitable for this)

# Installation
You'll need `cabal-install`.
At some point I'll start distributing binaries,
but for now you'll need `cabal-install`.
$ git clone https://github.com/pvsr/mpd-status
$ cd mpd-status
$ cabal install
$ cabal new-update
$ cabal new-install mpd-status
Then add `~/.cabal/bin/` to your `PATH`, et voilà.

If you're on Arch Linux, then
[good luck](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Haskell#Problems_with_linking).
I'm an Arch user but I couldn't tell you how I got a working build.
Then add `~/.cabal/bin/` to your `PATH`.