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qcal is a quick calendar application for CalDAV servers written in Go. In contrast to other tools it does not cache anything. It can fetch multiple servers / calendars in parallel which makes it quite fast.

Its main purpose is displaying calendar data. Nevertheless it supports basic creation and editing of entries.


  • Condensed quick overview of appointments
  • Parallel fetching of multiple calendars
  • Viewing of iCal subscriptions
  • Easy to use filters
  • Create, modify and delete appointments
  • Import ICS files
  • Display ICS files
  • Easy setup

#Installation / Configuration

  • Have Go installed
  • make && sudo make install (for MacOS: make darwin)
  • copy config-sample.json to ~/.config/qcal/config.json and modify accordingly

#Arch AUR package

  • Here: AUR
  • Copy config-sample.json from /usr/share/qcal/ to ~/.config/qcal/config.json and modify accordingly


  • For additional calendars just add a comma and new calendar credentials in curly brackets.
  • Omit Username and Password if you add a readonly iCal source


Common options:

qcal -h

#Displaying appointments

This simply displays all appointments for the next x days (configured in config.json):


This shows all appointments for today:

qcal -t

This only shows appointments from calendar 0 for the next seven days:

qcal -c 0 -7

This shows all appointments from 01.10.2021, 00:00h to 31.10.2021, 23:59:59 (Note: This is in UTC!):

qcal -s 20211001T000000 -e 20211031T235959

This displays all avaliable calendars with their numbers and colors:

qcal -l

#Add new appointment

Even though the abillity to create new appointments is limited, it is easy to create simple appointment types.

This creates an appointment on 01.12.2021 from 15:00h to 17:00h with the summary of "Tea Time":

qcal -n "20211201 1500 1700 Tea Time"

This creates a whole day appointment with a yearly recurrence in your second calendar (first is 0):

qcal -c 1 -n "20211114 Anne's Birthday" -r y

This creates a multiple day appointment:

qcal -n "20210801 20210810 Holiday in Thailand"

#Edit an appointment

This shows the next 7 days of appointments from calendar 3 with filenames ("foobarxyz.ics"):

qcal -c 2 -7 -f 

This edits the selected iCAL object in your $EDITOR (i.e. vim). When you save-quit the modified object is automatically uploaded:

qcal -c 2 -edit foobarxyz.ics


#neomutt / other cli mail tools

You can view received appointments in neomutt with qcal! Put this in your mailcap (usually in .config/neomutt):

text/calendar; qcal -p; copiousoutput

If you also want to be able to import received appointments directly from neomutt, put the following two lines in mailcap:

text/calendar; qcal -c 0 -u %s && notify-send "Appointment created";
text/calendar; qcal -p; copiousoutput

The first line is only executed if you press Return. The second line just displays the appointment as above.


You can get reminders of your appointments 15 mins in advance with this one liner:

EVENT=$(qcal -cron 15); [[ $EVENT ]] && notify-send "Next Appointment:" "\n$EVENT"


Questions? Ideas? File bugs and TODOs through the issue tracker or send an email to ~psic4t/qcal@todo.sr.ht