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#NNTD - Nextcloud Notes TODO

nntd is a simple TODO app based on Nextcloud Notes written in bash.

It's heavily inspired by todo.sh. It's without dates but it works online without any synchronization.


The only dependency is jq.


First time call creates a config file ~/.config/nntd.conf. Please edit for your needs.

  • nntd a|add "new todo" - Creates a new TODO.
  • nntd - Shows all active TODOs.
  • nntd p|pri <number> <a-z> - Prioritizes the given TODO A-Z. nntd pri 4 a prioritizes TODO 4 with priority A.
  • nntd depri <number> - Removes priority from TODO.
  • nntd lsp|listpri <priority> - Lists all TODOs with a given priority.
  • nntd do <number> - Marks TODO as done.
  • nntd lsd|listdone - Lists all done TODOs.
  • nntd purge - Purges all done TODOs.
  • nntd del <number> - Deletes a TODO