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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#NNTD - Nextcloud Notes TODO

nntd is a simple TODO app based on Nextcloud Notes written in bash.

It's heavily inspired by todo.sh and works online without any synchronization.


The only dependency is jq.


First time call creates a config file ~/.config/nntd.conf. Please edit for your needs.

  • nntd a|add "new todo" - Creates a new TODO.
  • nntd - Shows all active TODOs.
  • nntd p|pri <number> <a-z> - Prioritizes the given TODO A-Z. nntd pri 4 a prioritizes TODO 4 with priority A.
  • nntd depri <number> - Removes priority from TODO.
  • nntd lsp|listpri <priority> - Lists all TODOs with a given priority.
  • nntd do <number> - Marks TODO as done.
  • nntd lsd|listdone - Lists all done TODOs.
  • nntd purge - Purges all done TODOs.
  • nntd del <number> - Deletes a TODO