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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


atomstr is a RSS/Atom gateway to Nostr.

It fetches all sorts of RSS or Atom feeds, generates Nostr profiles for each and posts new entries to given Nostr relay(s). If you have one of these relays in your profile, you can find and subscribe to the feeds.

Although self hosting is preferable (it always is), there's a test instance at https://atomstr.data.haus - please don't hammer this too much as it is running next to my desk.


  • Web portal to add feeds
  • Automatic NIP-05 verification of profiles
  • Parallel scraping of feeds
  • Easy installation
  • NIP-48 support

#Installation / Configuration

The prefered way to run this is via Docker. Just use the included docker-compose.yaml and modify it to your needs. It contains ready to run Traefik labels. You can remove this part, if you are using ngnix or HAproxy.

If you want to compile it yourself just run "make".


All configuration is done via environment variables. If you don't want this, modify defines.go.

The following variables are available:

  • DB_PATH, "./atomstr.db"
  • FETCH_INTERVAL refresh interval for feeds, default "15m"
  • METADATA_INTERVAL refresh interval for feed name, icon, etc, default "2h"
  • HISTORY_INTERVAL history interval for feed initial sync, default "72h"
  • WEBSERVER_PORT, "8061"
  • NIP05_DOMAIN webserver domain, default "atomstr.data.haus"
  • MAX_WORKERS max work in paralel. Default "5"
  • RELAYS_TO_PUBLISH_TO to which relays this server posts to, add more comma separated. Default "wss://nostr.data.haus"
  • DEFAULT_FEED_IMAGE if no feed image is found, use this. Default "https://void.cat/d/NDrSDe4QMx9jh6bD9LJwcK"

#CLI Usage

Add a feed:

docker exec -it atomstr ./atomstr -a https://my.feed.org/rss

List all feeds:

docker exec -it atomstr ./atomstr -l

Delete a feed:

docker exec -it atomstr ./atomstr -d https://my.feed.org/rss


Questions? Ideas? File bugs and TODOs through the issue tracker or send an email to ~psic4t/public-inbox@todo.sr.ht