Eindhoven, the Netherlands


  • 🐧 FOSS software enthusiast
  • 🎓 Research Sofware Engineer, Natural Language Processing
  • 🐍 Python, 🌊 C, C++, 🦀 Rust, 🐚 Shell
  • 🔐 Privacy and Security
  • 📱 Sxmo co-maintainer
  • 🏡 Home automation
  • 🌍 Language enthusiast

See my homepage at https://proycon.anaproy.nl for further details and contact info.


Lightweight home automation scripts and programs, over MQTT


On-screen virtual keyboard for wlroots (mirror: https://github.com/jjsullivan5196/wvkbd)


Bleeding-edge clone of ~mil/sxmo-utils with more patches applied


Simple Virtual Keyboard (development clone of https://git.suckless.org/svkbd)


Send HTML forms via email, slightly modified fork of https://git.jlel.se/jlelse/MailyGo


Extensions for todo.txt: interactive rofi/fzf control, sync github issues, better colors, time tracking... and more!


Dotfiles for a simple Alpine linux desktop system


A vibration/audio feedback tool to be used with virtual keyboards


A minimalistic spaced-repetion vocabulary trainer (flashcards) for the terminal


fork of https://github.com/zechris/asciinema-rec_script


Bleeding-edge clone of ~mil/lisgd with more patches applied


Output simple text to a wayland desktop widget


Scripts to build the latest development version of sxmo

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