Update to version 0.3.0
Add CHANGELOG.org with contents of 0.2.0
Update list of links in the README.md
Include link to the change log
Write the official manual as a README.org

The GNU ELPA machinery converts this into an Info manual.
Clarify a few statements in the doc string of spacious-padding-subtle-mode-line
Mention spacious-padding-subtle-mode-line in the Commentary
Make spacious-padding-subtle-mode-line accept a plist; expand its customisability
Cover the keycast-key face
Add user option 'spacious-padding-subtle-mode-line'
Bump version to fix unbalanced parentheses
ac17e811 — Neo Dim 6 months ago
Fix unbalanced parentheses
Guard against invalid face when trying to get its attributes

This to address the issue mentioned by orie regarding the absence of
'mode-line-active' on Emacs 28:
Update to spacious-padding version 0.2.0

[ I provide screenshots in a recent publication:
  <https://protesilaos.com/codelog/2023-11-15-spacious-padding-extra-ui-dev/> ]

The package is stable and works well. This set of changes expands the
concept of "spacious padding" to more user interface elements, namely:

- active and inactive mode lines;
- header line;
- the 'tab-bar-mode'.

The user option which sets all the width values is
'spacious-padding-widths'. It now reads keywords that correspond to
the aforementioned elements. Concretely, here are the defaults:

    (setq spacious-padding-widths
          '( :internal-border-width 15
             :header-line-width 4
             :mode-line-width 6
             :tab-width 4
             :right-divider-width 30
             :scroll-bar-width 8))

After changing the widths, reload the 'spacious-padding-mode' for
changes to take effect.

I have taken care to make 'spacious-padding-mode' work even when the
'spacious-padding-widths' does not include all keywords. This means
that the previously supported value will continue to work (the
previous value did not have the keywords 'header-line-width',
'mode-line-width', and 'tab-width').
Add another link with demo images
Simplify the internal by introducing a Lisp macro
Arrange for a reasonable fallback value for :box face attribute

This is necessary to avoid errors when the user does not set the
appropriate value in 'spacious-padding-widths'.,
Remove background from display-line-numbers-mode

This is the same ideas as what we do with the 'fringe' face when
'spacious-padding-mode' is enabled.
Abstract how face widths are returned
Move the minor mode definition further down