Run shell searches and store them reproducibly in Emacs buffers
Display research buffer eagerly (also see commit a59e412)
Add mode line indicator to show progress
Do not move point in research-make-process :filter


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#Research (research.el) for GNU Emacs

Run shell searches and store them reproducibly in buffers. ⚠️ WORK-IN-PROGRESS

The goal of research.el ("re-search" is a shorthand for "repeatable search") is to provide a thin wrapper for shell invocations that search for file names or file contents. The output is stored in an Emacs buffer which retains the parameters that generated it. This buffer can then repeat the command that created it by means of revert-buffer (bound to g by default). File paths are automatically buttonised so that they can be used as links to the file they reference.

RESEARCH provides the means to write the Emacs Lisp that wraps around the desired shell invocation. We call the resulting commands and the buffers they generate "re-searchable".