Acknowledge Maxim Dunaevsky for commit b47107e

The commit adds one line. Maxim does not need to assign copyright to
the Free Software Foundation.

This was done in pull request 6 on the GitHub mirror:
Merge pull request #6 from dunmaksim/feature/ISSUE-5-next-multiframe-window

ISSUE-5: Add next-multiframe-window
b47107e4 — Maxim Dunaevskii 4 months ago
ISSUE-5: Add next-multiframe-window
Include 'evil-scroll-page-{up,down}' in 'pulsar-pulse-functions'
Add a few more commands to pulsar-pulse-functions
Include evil motions for recentering (zz, zt, zb)
Sort pulsar-pulse-functions A-Z
Add evil-mode commands to pulsar-pulse-functions
Add goto-line to pulsar-pulse-functions
Document pulsar-pulse-region
Acknowledge Bahman Movaqar for commit 467b020 (pulsar-pulse-region)

This was done on the mailing list:

The change is below the ~15 line limit and thus Bahman is not required
to assign copyright to the Free Software Foundation.
pulse the active region. if there are no regions, do nothing.

in case there are multiple active regions, it `pulsar-pulse-region`
only works w/ the first (topmost) region.
Add handle-switch-frame to pulsar-pulse-functions
Improve what commit 5e5796e tried to do

The intention was to return the beginning of the minibuffer prompt.
With 'point-min' we could get another position, as some commands
append intangible text to the minibuffer prompt, which we do not want
to highlight.
Update to version 1.0.0
Fix docstring of 'pulsar-recenter-middle' defalias
Add missing backronym
Add missing metadata to CHANGELOG

This is used in the HTML output.
Add missing metadata about user option versions
Document how to use pulsar in the minibuffer