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#notmuch-indicator for Emacs

This is a simple package that renders an indicator with an email count of the notmuch index on the Emacs mode line. The underlying mechanism is that of notmuch-count(1), which is used to find the number of items that match the given search terms.

The indicator is enabled when notmuch-indicator-mode is on.

The user option notmuch-indicator-args provides the means to define search terms and associate them with a given label. The label is purely cosmetic, though it helps characterise the resulting counter.

The value of notmuch-indicator-args is a list of plists (property lists). Each plist consists of one mandarory property and two optional ones:

  1. The :terms, which is required, is a string that holds the command-line arguments passed to notmuch-count(1) (read the Notmuch documentation for the technicalities).

  2. The :label, which is optional, is an arbitrary string that is prepended to the return value of the above. If nil or omitted, no label is displayed.

  3. The face, which is optional, is the symbol of a face that is applied to the :label. It should not be quoted, so like :face bold. Good candidates are bold, italic, success, warning, error, though anything will do. If nil or omitted, no face is used.

Multiple plist lists represent separate notmuch-count(1) queries. These are run sequentially. Their return values are joined into a single string.

For instance, a value like the following defines three searches:

(setq notmuch-indicator-args
      '((:terms "tag:unread and tag:inbox" :label "@")
        (:terms "from:bank and tag:bills" :label "😱")
        (:terms "--output threads tag:loveletter" :label "💕")))

These form a string which realistically is like: @50 😱1000 💕0. Each component is clickable: it runs notmuch-search on the applicable :terms.

The user option notmuch-indicator-refresh-count determines how often the indicator will be refreshed. It accepts a numeric argument which represents seconds.

The user option notmuch-indicator-force-refresh-commands accepts as its value a list of symbols. Those are commands that will forcefully update the indicator after they are invoked.

The user option notmuch-indicator-hide-empty-counters hides zero counters from the indicator, when it is set to a non-nil value.


The notmuch-indicator is meant to be a collective effort. Every bit of help matters.

  • Author/maintainer :: Protesilaos Stavrou.

  • Contributions to code or user feedback :: Henrik Kjerringvåg, Stefan Monnier, Yusef Aslam.