Recompile Info manual
Add clarifications to the "Enable and Load" section of the manual

I am doing this after realising it could be improved, thanks to the
comment/question made by John Wick on the mailing list:
Fix markup in the CHANGELOG
Reword statement in the manual
Add section in the manual with modus-themes-to-toggle
Update to modus-themes version 4.3.0
Document correct name of japanese-holidays package
Add support for nerd-icons-completion
Fix regression in modus-themes--heading about t value

Thanks to Lasse Lindner for bringing this matter to my attention.
This was done in issue 312 on the GitLab mirror:
Add support for new appt-notification face (Emacs 30)
Fix typo in modus-themes-preset-overrides-intense

Thanks to Nicolas Semrau for bringing this matter to my attention.  It
was done in issue 90 on the GitHub mirror:
Add support for breadcrumb package

A new package by João Távora:
Expand 'deftheme' with metadata

This is to support new features in Emacs where themes can specify
the set they belong to, as well as whether they are light or dark.
The built-in command is 'theme-choose-variant'.

This is in response to Emacs bug#65468:
<https://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=65468>.  Thanks to
Mauro Aranda for bringing this matter to my attention.
Add support for corfu-candidate-overlay

Thanks to Nicolas Semrau for mentioning this package.  It was done in
issue 89 on the GitHub mirror:
Add semantic colour mappings for terminal emulators

These are used by ansi-term, vterm, and the like.  The idea is to
empower users to differentiate background and foreground values.  By
convention, terminal emulators use the same value for both background
and foreground, although this is not optimal with high contrast themes
because what works as a foreground does not necessarily look nice as a

The default values of the new mappings retain the prior state, just to
not break existing configurations.

Thanks to Tony Zorman for reporting the bug that provided the impetus
for this change:
Tweak string mapping of modus-themes-preset-overrides-warmer
Update Acknowledgements for commit f6f0ef6

The change is about one line and thus does not require copyright
assignment to the Free Software Foundation.
Set org-document-info-keyword back to fixed pitch font
Remove "hover" overrides from "faint" preset

Those contradict the changes done in commit 4e331d2.  In short, we
want a different colour for the hover effects so that it is not
mistaken for other elements.

Thanks to Daniel Mendler[1] for bringing this matter to my attention.
This was done via a private channel and the information is shared with

[1] <https://github.com/minad>
Revise prose-metadata and prose-table in "intense" preset overrides

The previous colours did not combine nicely with all structural
elements.  For example, Org clocktables would obscure timestamps by
being the same colour as them, while the table formula would not stand
out.  These styles did not fit into the concept of "intense" colours.