Add FIXME about process filter to refine mpv shell output
Ensure process args are not an empty list
Do not specify the process connection type

I do not see any difference in how it works.  Let's keep it to
whatever Emacs considers a good default.
Define mandoura-play-file-with-optional-subs
Make mandoura--make-process accept optional args
Specify :connection in mandoura--make-process; add notes
Add FIXME for process sentinel to make buffer readable
Abstract make-process to keep the code reusable
Remove needless, commented out snippet
Define mandoura-return-track-title-and-time command
Add helper functions to convert MPV times to readable format
Remove task for unavailable property
Add link to where MPV properties are described
Make process termination non-interactive
Stop using stderr buffers; direct everything to stdout
Add minibuffer history for mandoura-playlist-prompt
Add task to retrieve the artist name
Change keyword for readability
Add command and user option to play saved playlists