1b16271dad25c3d51f07b73d56bfee7440c0defe — Protesilaos Stavrou 11 months ago 2c3224b
Do not specify the process connection type

I do not see any difference in how it works.  Let's keep it to
whatever Emacs considers a good default.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M mandoura.el
M mandoura.el => mandoura.el +0 -1
@@ 115,7 115,6 @@ arguments for mpv.  Else fall back to `mandoura-default-args'."
     :name "mandoura"
     :buffer stdout-buffer
     :command (mandoura-with-args file args)
     :connection 'pipe
     ;; FIXME 2023-04-29: Add a :sentinel that makes the resulting
     ;; buffer readable.  Maybe it suffices to just run a specific
     ;; major-mode there.  Which one?