Add archive and tar to lin-mode-hooks

Archive and Tar make good candidates for inclusion in the default hooks.
Tweak all colour values

These are based on the revised palette of the Modus themes version 4.
Update copyright years
Acknowledge Simon Pugnet for commit 08f662e

The patch[1] is below the ~15 line threshold and thus does not require
copyright assignment to the Free Software Foundation.

[1] <https://lists.sr.ht/~protesilaos/lin/%3C87sfkxyuqx.fsf%40polaris64.net%3E>
08f662e2 — Simon Pugnet 1 year, 17 days ago
Use correct mu4e-headers-mode-hook name
Clarify lin-mode-hooks doc string
Remove old define-obsolete-function-alias forms
Make minor fix to markup in file Commentary
Fix gitignore

Yeah, I copied it a while ago from another project...
Add :link to the Info manual in lin group

This is shown in Custom UI buffers as a clickable/actionable link.
Add :package-version to all user-facing variables

This informs the user about when a variable was last changed or
introduced.  The information is shown in Help buffers.
Expand links to all sources
Simplify the manual's front matter
Remove make-obsolete of old variable
Acknowledge Gautier Ponsinet for commit b4085a7

The change covered one line.  No copyrights assignment to the Free
Software Foundation is required for it.
Update manual to reflect commit b4085a7
b4085a76 — Gautier Ponsinet 1 year, 2 months ago
Add pdf-outline to lin-mode-hooks
Restore link to mailing list archive
Name the mailing list address as the "Maintainer:"

This is to conform with work being done in package.el by Philip
Kaludercic.  I was informed about it here: