Modified version of the "Hack" typeface, using alternative glyphs.
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#Modified version of the "Hack" typeface

character set sample

This is a monospaced typeface I use as a fallback option in my GNU/Linux setup. It contains a set of glyphs that slightly differentiate it from the upstream distribution. The source of the patched glyphs is (1) version 3.000 of upstream Hack, (2) the alt-hack repository provided by the authors of Hack itself, (3) version 1.3 of upstream Hack.

Summary of my changes, done on 2021-10-16:

  1. Build on top of the dev branch from upstream, commit b4331b33e.
  2. Use the flatter 1 (one) from Hack version 3.000 for the regular and bold variants. Its shape is less exaggerated than its counterpart in newer releases of Hack. Italics and Bold italics still use the hooked version (the default).
  3. Add a 0 (zero) with a forward slash from the alt-hack repo for all variants.
  4. Change f (lower case F) to a knife variant for the italic and bold italic sets. Keep it as-is for regular and bold.
  5. Use the a that is present in version 1.3 of upstream Hack, as it has a more open shape at small font sizes. Note that some accented combinations, such as ã (a with tilde) did not exist in version 1.3 so those retain the more closed shape of the latest version of Hack.

Here are screenshots with some real-world usage of the typeface at point size 9 (view the images at their natural size, otherwise the text is distorted):

Hack mod at pt9 using Emacs

Hack mod at pt9 using Emacs


Shared under the same free/libre permissive terms as Hack (see COPYING).