Make fontaine-apply-current-preset work with Emacs 29 theme hook
Update to version 1.0.0
Update the manual's wording for preset inheritance
Add links between two nodes in the manual
Pass correct height when setting the 'bold' face

This fixes a regression introduced by commit fa00972.  We would get an
error when invoking 'fontaine-set-preset' with a prefix argument.
Tweak markup of proper code symbol
Update backronym

I have had this version on my website for a long time.  I like it

All my packages (and their backronyms): <https://protesilaos.com/emacs>.
Add informative :tag to weight selection widget
Make it possible to inherit a preset in another preset
Update copyright years
Bump version to trigger package rebuild

This is to offer commit fa00972 to users.
Remove faulty height from bold face

I discovered this by troubleshooting the problem reported by Joe
Higton on the ef-themes mailing list:

It is a mistake to set a :height attribute for bold, as it should not
anyhow affect the underlying text beside the :weight and :family.
Remove old obsoletion form
Reword manual on persisting font configurations
Remove FIXME about x-family-fonts

It works on my --with-pgtk and I will assume it works elsewhere as well.
Add :package-version to all defcustom forms

With this we can inform the user when a variable was introduced or last
changed.  The information appears in the Help buffers.
Add FIXME for error cond in fontaine--apply-preset
Declare and document fontaine-apply-current-preset
Re-indent code in fontaine.el