92405cb5258f9189cb8d9685b12f157a8618ea73 — Protesilaos Stavrou 4 months ago 10c4fa7
Make fontaine-apply-current-preset work with Emacs 29 theme hook
1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

M fontaine.el
M fontaine.el => fontaine.el +5 -2
@@ 562,7 562,7 @@ Set `fontaine-current-preset' to PRESET.  Also see the command
    (run-hooks 'fontaine-set-preset-hook)))

(defun fontaine-apply-current-preset ()
(defun fontaine-apply-current-preset (&optional _theme)
  "Use `fontaine-set-preset' on `fontaine-current-preset'.
The value of `fontaine-current-preset' must be one of the keys in

@@ 577,7 577,10 @@ the post `load-theme' phase (e.g. via a hook) ensures that font
configurations remain consistent.

Some themes that provide hooks of this sort are the
`modus-themes' and `ef-themes' (both by Protesilaos)."
`modus-themes', `ef-themes', `standard-themes' (all by
Protesilaos).  Alternatively, Emacs 29 provides the special
`enable-theme-functions' hook, which passes the THEME argument
for this function."
  (when-let* ((current fontaine-current-preset)
              ((alist-get current fontaine-presets)))