Remove duplicate corfu config
Add nerd-icons dependency
Add section "General window and buffer tweaks"
Add command to visually select from minibuffer history
Add section with general minibuffer settings
Expand the corfu section
Expand the orderless section
Add missing sentence in DWIM keyboard-quit docstring
Improve DWIM keyboard-quit for completions buffer
Simplify emacs-notepad-keyboard-quit-dwim
Add arrangement to load custom use configurations with emacs-notepad-user.org
Add corfu package and configure it
Make centaur-tabs display in all buffers
Make centaur-tabs truncate long buffer names
Add centaur-tabs keys to cycle back and forth
Add missing empty line from a code block
Add a C-g key binding with a do-what-I-mean behaviour
Add TODO to automatically focus all windows

The sample code does not work yet.  It needs more customisations.
Update some commands in the transient prefix
Specify the number of which-key columns