My custom Arch Linux PKGBUILD of the Emacs development target
Set default build to NO X
Suport optional builds for PGTK but also without X
Refine check for tree-sitter


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#Custom Emacs build for Arch Linux

This is just like every other package recipe for Arch. We provide a PKGBUILD and then pacman does the rest.

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Open a shell in the root directory.
  3. Run makepkg -si. This synchronises the source, compiles it, and installs the resulting files using pacman.
  4. Note that if you miss the part where you are prompted for escalated privileges, you do not need to rebuild the package. Just check the directory for something like emacs-git- Get its path and then do pacman -U /path/to/package.pkg.tar.zst.
  5. To rebuild the package, simply re-run makepkg -si. Sometimes you will get a build failure due to some massive change upstream. In that case, run makepkg -siC.
  6. Builds are done incrementally, meaning that every build after the first one is considerably faster. Though the -C flag also does a clean build and thus takes longer.

#Why this and not the emacs-git from the AUR?

Use that. I have not tested this thoroughly and do not recommend you try it. I simply wrote it as a way to learn how Emacs is built and ultimately particularise my configuration of it.