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Revert "Remove alist for 'display-buffer'"

This reverts commit 06f85ad8188a9b7ab4e815afe66df50e1f2ec637.

I have not had time to work on the alternative to this. Better bring
it back until I can revisit this project in earnest. Controlling the
display-buffer in some "smart" way is better than nothing, given that
the absence of this results in an unpleasant experience while
previewing files.
2 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

M dired-preview.el
M README.org => README.org +0 -3
@@ 109,9 109,6 @@ users.
:CUSTOM_ID: h:25135eb2-04a9-403e-bc3a-8ee287ac36cf

[ DEPRECATED as part of {{{development-version}}}, though I plan to
  include documentation herein on how to achieve this at the user level. ]

#+vindex: dired-preview-display-action-alist-function
The user option ~dired-preview-display-action-alist-function~
speficies a function to handle the display of the preview.  The

M dired-preview.el => dired-preview.el +49 -3
@@ 83,6 83,17 @@ everything."
  :group 'dired-preview
  :type 'natnum)

(defcustom dired-preview-display-action-alist-function
  "Function to return the `display-buffer' action for the preview.
This is the same data that is passed to `display-buffer-alist'.
Read Info node `(elisp) Displaying Buffers'.  As such, it is
meant for experienced users.  See the reference function
`dired-preview-display-action-alist-dwim' for the implementation
  :group 'dired-preview
  :type 'function)

(defcustom dired-preview-delay 0.7
  "Time in seconds to wait before previewing."
  :group 'dired-preview

@@ 295,6 306,38 @@ Always return FILE buffer."
  "Return buffer to preview FILE in."
  (dired-preview--add-to-previews file))

(defvar dired-preview-buffer-name "*dired-preview*"
  "Name of preview buffer.")

(defun dired-preview-get-window-size (dimension)
  "Return window size by checking for DIMENSION.
DIMENSION is either a `:width' or `:height' keyword.  It is
checked against `split-width-threshold' or
  (pcase dimension
    (:width (if-let ((window-width (floor (window-total-width) 2))
                     ((> window-width fill-column)))
    (:height (floor (window-height) 2))))

(defun dired-preview-display-action-side ()
  "Pick a side window that is appropriate for the given frame."
  (if-let ((width (window-body-width))
           ((>= width (window-body-height)))
           ((>= width split-width-threshold)))
      `(:side right :dimension window-width :size ,(dired-preview-get-window-size :width))
    `(:side bottom :dimension window-height :size ,(dired-preview-get-window-size :height))))

(defun dired-preview-display-action-alist-dwim ()
  "Reference function for `dired-preview-display-action-alist-function'.
Return a `display-buffer' action alist, as described in the
aforementioned user option."
  (let ((properties (dired-preview-display-action-side)))
      (side . ,(plist-get properties :side))
      (,(plist-get properties :dimension) . ,(plist-get properties :size)))))

(defvar dired-preview-trigger-commands
  '(dired-next-line dired-previous-line dired-mark dired-unmark dired-unmark-backward dired-del-marker dired-goto-file dired-find-file)
  "List of Dired commands that trigger a preview.")

@@ 321,10 364,13 @@ Always return FILE buffer."
    (remove-hook 'window-state-change-hook #'dired-preview--close-previews-outside-dired)
    (put 'dired-preview-start 'function-executed nil)))

;; TODO 2023-10-05: We may no longer need this function.
(defun dired-preview--display-buffer (buffer)
  "Call `display-buffer' for BUFFER."
  (display-buffer buffer))
  "Call `display-buffer' for BUFFER.
Only do it with the current major mode is Dired."
   (funcall (or dired-preview-display-action-alist-function

(defun dired-preview-display-file (file)
  "Display preview of FILE if appropriate."