Update doc string of 'denote-org-dblock-insert-backlinks'
Add single prompt function for all "files matching regexp" type of prompts
Define revert-buffer-function for denote-sort-dired
Use correct indentation in denote-sort-files
Show relative current file name in rename commands
Store denote-link-with-signature format in a private variable
Make 'denote-files' Org dynamic block file separator opt-in

This means that we do not introduce a separator by default. The 'nil'
value now means what it should.
Support signature links in denote-org-dblock--get-file-contents
Add missing REVERSE argument in denote-org-dblock--files
Make denote--keywords-add-to-history work only on a list
Add NOTE and TODO about possible future sort algorithms in denote-sort.el
Remove superfluous space in denote-sort--define-lessp
Remove note from denote-sort.el Commentary section
Print message after denote-sort-dired to work around Dired bug (per 7ed957b)
Add note about bug in dired in denote-sort-dired
Remove completed task from denote-sort--prepare-dired; tweak the function
Clarify that 'denote-dired-rename-marked-files-with-keywords' can remove keywords
Rewrite the documentation of 'denote-rename-file' to be up-to-date
Use "keywords" not "keyword" in 'denote--keywords-delete-prompt'
Make all rename commands remove keywords if prompt is empty

This is now consistent with the title and signature prompts. We now
give users the power to add/remove components as they see fit. Whereas
before we were insisting on adding back some default value, which made
it impossible to remove some value that was no longer relevant.