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Add NOTE and TODO about possible future sort algorithms in denote-sort.el
1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M denote-sort.el
M denote-sort.el => denote-sort.el +6 -0
@@ 43,6 43,10 @@
(defvar denote-sort-components '(title keywords signature identifier)
  "List of sorting keys applicable for `denote-sort-files' and related.")

;; NOTE 2023-12-04: We can have compound sorting algorithms such as
;; title+signature, but I want to keep this simple for the time being.
;; Let us first hear from users to understand if there is a real need
;; for such a feature.
(defmacro denote-sort--define-lessp (component)
  "Define function to sort by COMPONENT."
  (let ((retrieve-fn (intern (format "denote-retrieve-filename-%s" component))))

@@ 61,6 65,8 @@ two title values."
          ((and (not one-empty-p) two-empty-p) one)
          (t (funcall denote-sort-comparison-function one two)))))))

;; TODO 2023-12-04: Subject to the above NOTE, we can also sort by
;; directory and by file length.
(denote-sort--define-lessp title)
(denote-sort--define-lessp keywords)
(denote-sort--define-lessp signature)