c61539f5b3a8dd567e8318ca2c274e1b1e67abdd — Protesilaos Stavrou 2 months ago 7ed957b
Print message after denote-sort-dired to work around Dired bug (per 7ed957b)
1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M denote-sort.el
M denote-sort.el => denote-sort.el +4 -1
@@ 193,7 193,10 @@ a non-nil value, respectively."
   ;; (format "Denote sort `%s' by `%s'" files-matching-regexp sort-by-component)
   (format "Denote sort by `%s'" sort-by-component)
   (denote-sort-get-directory-files files-matching-regexp sort-by-component reverse)))
   (denote-sort-get-directory-files files-matching-regexp sort-by-component reverse))
  ;; Because of the above NOTE, I am printing a message.  Not what I
  ;; want, but it is better than nothing...
  (message "Denote sort `%s' by `%s'" files-matching-regexp sort-by-component))

(provide 'denote-sort)
;;; denote-sort.el ends here